INTERACT 2015 paper accepted on detecting child users from touch input.

My colleagues, Radu-Daniel Vatavu and Quincy Brown, and I, have combined our efforts on exploring touch interaction for children on a paper which has been accepted to the INTERACT 2015 conference! The paper, titled “Child or Adult? Inferring Smartphone Users’ Age Group from Touch Measurements Alone,” showed the results of our experiments to classify whether a user is a young child (ages 3 to 6) or an adult from properties of their touch input alone. Radu used his dataset of 3 to 6 year olds and supplemented with our MTAGIC dataset. The abstract is as follows:

We present a technique that classifies users’ age group, i.e., child or adult, from touch coordinates captured on touch-screen devices. Our technique delivered 86.5% accuracy (user-independent) on a dataset of 119 participants (89 children ages 3 to 6) when classifying each touch event one at a time and up to 99% accuracy when using a window of 7+ consecutive touches. Our results establish that it is possible to reliably classify a smartphone user on the fly as a child or an adult with high accuracy using only basic data about their touches, and will inform new, automatically adaptive interfaces for touch-screen devices.

You can download the camera-ready version of the paper here. Radu will be presenting our work at INTERACT, which will be held in Bamberg, Germany, in September. I’ll post the talk when available!

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Videos of student game projects from Spring 2015!

I just posted the final game presentations for students in my Spring 2015 offering of CAP4053 “Artificial Intelligence for Computer Games.” In this class, students learn about game design, game development, user interfaces for games, and how to effectively incorporate AI techniques to make games more fun and challenging to the player.

You can check out the three new video presentations here (shared with permission of the student groups). This course is offered every spring.

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INIT Lab receives equipment gift from Wacom Inc.

The INIT Lab has applied for and received a gift of several high-resolution tablets from Wacom, Inc. This work will help us examine more features of children’s touch and gesture interaction using the specialized sensors available with this technology. Stay tuned for the results of this exciting new research!

Thank you, Wacom!

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ICMI 2014 poster now available.

The ACM International Conference on Multimodal Interaction, was recently held in Istanbul, Turkey. My co-author Radu-Daniel Vatavu presented the poster for our paper entitled “Gesture Heatmaps: Understanding Gesture Performance with Colorful Visualizations,” which you can check out here. I was sorry not to be able to attend this year, but perhaps next year (it will be in Seattle, WA).

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Invited keynote to be given at University of Iowa symposium!

I’m excited to announce I’ve been invited to be a keynote speaker at the upcoming University of Iowa Obermann Center Working Symposium entitled “Designing the Digital Future: A Human-Centered Approach to Informatics.” I’ll be giving a version of my research talk, “Understanding, Designing, and Developing Natural User Interfaces for Children.” I’m honored to be part of an amazing slate of HCI speakers, including Mary-Beth Rosson, Ron Wakkary, Celine Latulipe, Tammy Clegg, and Lisa Nathan. It will be much colder in Iowa City compared to Florida this time of year, but I’m sure our good company and rich conversations will keep us warm! Thank you, Juan-Pablo Hourcade, for the invitation.

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