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iConference 2012 Accessibility event accepted!

Colleagues Amy Hurst, Shaun Kane and I have recently learned that our proposed “alternative event” on accessibility was accepted to the iConference 2012, to be held in Toronto in February! We are running it as a “fishbowl” discussion, which is a way to hold a discussion with a big group of people and allow the whole group to participate. It will be my first time experiencing a fishbowl, so I am very enthusiastic about that. The event is titled “Accessibility in the iSchools: Not Just for People with Disabilities?” and will focus on discussion of how research issues in accessibility are relevant to other research areas within the iSchool purview, and will hopefully forge new connections and collaborations among iSchool researchers interested in accessibility or access-related issues.

The event website will be located here (content coming soon!). If you are going to be at the iConference or in the Toronto area, consider attending this exciting event!

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