AccessComputing minigrant accepted!

My colleagues at UMBC and Landmark College and I recently had an AccessComputing minigrant accepted for funding to run a “Participatory Design Workshop for Accessible Apps and Games” at Landmark! Landmark College is a small 2-year college in Vermont that serves students with learning and cognitive disabilities. AccessComputing is a grant program administered by researchers at the University of Washington who received funding from the NSF to improve universal access to computing careers. Our workshop will take place over one day in the coming months, and will expose Landmark students to some of the basic principles of human-computer interaction. The workshop focuses on participatory design to show Landmark students how HCI takes into account user needs and characteristics when designing technology, even for diverse user populations such as themselves. Students from UMBC will also participate, leading the participatory design sessions to get user feedback on mobile apps and games they are designing as part of a current course project.

We are really excited that we were funded and are looking forward to the workshop!

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