ICMI 2013 talk posted, and toolkit released!

Last week at the ICMI 2013 conference in Sydney, Australia, I presented work done in collaboration with my co-authors Radu-Daniel Vatavu and Jacob O. Wobbrock on new ways of understanding how users make stroke gestures (for example, with stylus and finger on touchscreen devices), through the use of 12 “Relative Accuracy Measures for Stroke Gestures” that our paper introduced. The paper has details on the measures themselves and how they are derived; the talk focuses on what these types of measures can be used for and how they can help us design and build better gesture interactions. For those interested, my presentation slides are available here.

We have also released an open-source toolkit, which we call “GREAT” (Gesture RElative Accuracy Toolkit) that you can use to compute the measures on your own dataset. Download it here!

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