CISE Day at UF WiSE Girlz Spring Camp fun for all!

Recently I had the pleasure to help organize “Computer Science Day” as part of the University of Florida‘s Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE) group’s week-long summer day camp they were hosting for local middle-school girls, sponsored by the Florida Museum of Natural History. The goal of the camp was to expose the girls to some of the awesome science going on here at UF, and, in addition to CISE, the girls got to visit Biology, Astronomy, Chemistry, and Engineering.

For CISE Day, I advised the CISE department’s student-run organization Women in Computer Science and Engineering (WiCSE) in organizing, structuring, and staffing the day’s events. We planned events such as lab demos, outdoor CS Unplugged activities, and hands-on coding with CodingBat and Scratch. The campers were engaged and positive throughout the day, and later, WiSE staffers told us that CISE day was the favorite day of many of the campers!

You can see more information about the event from the WiSE group here, and check out our CISE Department news item here.

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