ACM’s Computing Reviews acknowledges our CHI 2013 paper!

In April, I received a very nice email from Computing Reviews, a joint publication of the ACM and ThinkLoud, that our CHI 2013 paper “Analyzing User-Generated YouTube Videos to Understand Touchscreen Use by People with Motor Impairments” was acknowledged as a notable paper in computer science for 2013! Out of all the papers published in computer science in 2013, only 94 papers were acknowledged in this way. There is even a brief review summarizing the work and its expected impact as part of the honor. This work also received a ‘CHI Best Paper Award,’ an honor only the top 1% of papers appearing at that conference receives. I did that work while at UMBC, and my co-authors are from the University of Maryland (including assistant professor Leah Findlater). We are very proud of this paper, and we hope that this publicity will serve to broaden the scope of its impact, enabling further improvements to the accessibility of touchscreens, and other technologies, for adults and children with disabilities.


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