Class project videos for “User Experience Design” now online.

I taught the course “User Experience Design” for the second time in Fall 2015 (previously titled “Interaction Design“). In this course, students work with industry clients to create interactive prototypes of design concepts to meet some need of the client’s. Typically this is a new mobile app, enhancements to their existing mobile apps, or some new web feature. We start with user research, go through brainstorming and ideation, wireframing, low-fi and hi-fi prototyping, and think alouds. This semester, we had five great local clients from Gainesville and around Florida: ImmersedGames, ONE.UF, Royal Bank of Canada (Orlando office), Sportody, and Trendy Entertainment.

Check out the final video sketches produced by the 15 student group projects here (shared with permission). Currently this course is offered every fall. The course is in final stages of approval for a course number, so stay tuned!

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