Mobile Touch and Gesture Interaction for Children (MTAGIC)

My colleague Quincy Brown at Bowie State University and I have been investigating differences in the ways that children use touch and gesture interactions compared to adults, especially on mobile devices. In lab studies, we have found evidence that children have more difficulty successfully acquiring touch targets and making consistent gestures than adults do. These differences can lead to poorer performance of the interface for children, and we plan to explore ways to adapt interfaces to work better with children in the real world given these differences. This project is funded by National Science Foundation Grant Awards #IIS-1218395 / IIS-1218664.

Check out our full project website!


  1. Anthony, L., Brown, Q., Nias, J., Tate, B., and Mohan, S. 2012. Interaction and Recognition Challenges in Interpreting Children’s Touch and Gesture Input on Mobile Devices. Proceedings of the ACM International Conference on Interactive Tabletops and Surfaces (ITS’2012), Cambridge, MA, to appear. [pdf]
  2. Brown, Q. and Anthony, L. 2012. Toward Comparing the Touchscreen Interaction Patterns of Kids and Adults. Proceedings of the SIGCHI Workshop on Educational Software, Interfaces and Technology (EIST’2012), Austin, TX, 05-06 May 2012. [pdf]

last revised 11/08/2012

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