User-Centered Interfaces for Military End Users

My work with the User-Centered Interfaces group at Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Laboratories focused on applying advanced user interface technologies such as multimodal interaction and context-sensitive systems to the needs and requirements of the military end user. We deal with users at all echelons, in all domains, for many different purposes. Some examples of the types of projects we have worked on are described here. I was involved in work on I2W, SLICE, DARPA‘s ULTRA-Vis program, as well as various internal research projects.

We published a couple of papers on our work in advanced interaction technology for healthcare informatics:

  • Regli, S.H., Tremoulet, P.D., Samoylov, A., Sharma, K., Stibler, K., and Anthony, L. 2010. Medical Intelligence Informatics. Proceedings of the SIGCHI First International Workshop of Interactive Systems in Healthcare (WISH’2010), Atlanta, GA, 10 Apr 2010, p.145-148. [pdf]
  • Anthony, L., Sharma, K., Stibler, K., Regli, S.H., Tremoulet, P. D., Gilbertson, D.G., and Gerhardt, R.T. 2010. Enabling Pre-Hospital Documentation via Spoken Language Understanding on the Modern Battlefield. In Advances in Human Factors and Ergonomics in Healthcare (Proceedings of the International Conference on Applied Human Factors & Ergonomics – AHFE’2010), ed. V.G. Duffy, CRC Press, p.642-651. [pdf]

last revised 04/24/2012

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